Our faith communities are more than just a place of worship. Together, we can serve and enrich the lives of all members, including those with dementia and the families who love them by providing education, worship, and support.

Education and Training

Most faith communities do not have the knowledge of resources to support congregants living with dementia and their families. The Alter program addresses these gaps within the African American community. We offer a Dementia-Friendly Workshop for Faith Community Leaders as well as Community Forums to increase awareness for all faith communities.

Toolbox and Ongoing Support

Navigating dementia-specfic resources can be challenging. The Alter team alter provides tools and resources to help families within faith communities connect with various community programs and services. We offer each faith community partner a branded toolbox, along with ongoing support to prepare them for their dementia-friendly journey.


Becoming dementia-friendly can be daunting, and we are here to help. The Alter team offers a 30-minute consultation for faith communities exploring dementia-friendly initiatives. During this consultation, we can discuss what's in place and what may work best for your congregation.


Being recognized as a dementia-friendly faith community allows people living with dementia as well as the community access to a welcoming environment. We offer faith communities a unique recognition as an Alter partner and the opportunity to be listed as a dementia-friendly and inclusive faith community in our directory.

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